Forced Marriage

Forced Marriage

Forced marriage tends to be associated with maintaining honour or keeping promises and often children feel they owe their parents the right to marry them without consent. Islamic Family law condemns these marriages categorically. Recently, the government has legislated to criminalise such a practice. As this has nothing to do with religion or culture and has everything to do with power, control and social status, Consent aims to focus on challenging this mind set, to educate and create greater awareness and eradicate this practice.

Did you know?

Force equals compelling anyone to agree; blackmailing anyone to submit; coercing anyone to consent; imprisoning or kidnapping anyone until they succumb and using physical force against them until they do as they are told. These barbaric means go against the moral and ethical boundaries of human society and most importantly they are in direct contradiction to sound Islamic teachings.

Consent welcomes and applauds the most recent government decision to criminalise forced marriage; however, we also understand that victims may feel reluctant to step forward for support. Thus, our mission is to raise awareness of clear consent for marriage, healthy attitude towards marriage and most importantly empowering all parties to make the right choice.

What you can do for us

As well as offering a wide range of volunteering opportunities, Consent has a variety of resources and a wide range of learned and experienced community leaders available; don’t hesitate to contact us for support if you would like to help us run workshops and seminars in your communities or mosques. You may wish to order our publications and standing order forms to distribute in your community or simply donate to help us continue with our campaign to end forced marriages. Consent would like to work with communities, parents, leader, Imams, youth workers and young people to create better awareness of their rights and responsibilities around marriage. You can help in every way possible. Please get in touch.