Domestic Abuse

Domestic Abuse

The Family is a safe and secure environment for people to experience, explore and express their emotional and physical needs and aspirations. Now imagine this family environment for some people being an abusive one – unsafe physically, sexually, emotionally, verbally and psychologically. This is what is called Domestic Abuse and this leads to terrible consequences.

Did you know in the UK.?

Our aim is to discover the causes of abuse in Muslim families and to work with the community, mainstream agencies and policy makers in educating, preventing and eradicating all forms of Domestic Abuse.

What you can do for us

As well as offering a wide range of volunteering opportunities, Consent has a variety of resources and a wide range of learned and experienced community leaders available; don’t hesitate to contact us for support if you would like to help us run workshops and seminars in your communities or mosques. You may wish to order our publications and standing order forms to distribute in your community or simply donate to help us continue with our campaign to end domestic abuse. You can arrange a campaign in your locality. You can help change in many ways. Please get in touch.