Counselling is a form of therapeutic process to help you understand your own patterns of thinking and behaviours in the past. It will support you to start making changes in your present and help you build a better future. Counselling is a powerful form of healing and as such, it is always treated with deep respect at Barefoot. Sessions are best done regularly and is preferred for a multitude of issues.

Questionnaire for Counselling

    CommunicationSexual dysfunctionIn-lawsParentingInfidelityAddictions (pornography, gambling, gaming,..etc)Substance misuse (alcohol, all forms of narcotics)Marriage is at a break pointSeparationDomestic violenceAbuse (emotional, physical, sexual, financial, spiritual)PolygamyFinancial managementExtended family situations (living with your partner’s children)Not sure/I do not know

    Discussed with each otherGot a family member involvedSpoke to the local imam or representativeTried to find answers through the internet/attending coursesWe have separated alreadyHave issued preliminary divorceStopped communicatingCalled the police