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For counselling and coaching

"you are an inspirational woman, your workshop was very thought provoking. Thank you. Such an inspiration....we are truly blessed to have met you, we hope to see more of you."

"I really enjoyed your programme and half of the time I was in tears because I have never thought of myself with any importance. Thank you for making me see that I am important first than I can be good to others."

"Henrietta was inspiring and has made me re-think myself in a way I have needed for some time. It is something I wanted to do but did not feel I needed to and thought I could do in a logical way. Now I know I can and I will."

"I am so grateful to Allah for your presence in my life right now you inspire me so much that I can't put it into words. "

"Our usual coaching session was fantastic I just can't seem to get enough of it, as always you inspired me to the fullest."

"This course has been fulfilling and inspiring. It was delivered to a very high standard and brought many inspiring examples. This could not have come at a better time bringing a lot of positivism into my life and this is an exceptionally wonderful feeling."

"You are a wonderful human being and a coach, you are an inspiration and my candle in the dark.  May we be friends for a very long time and enjoy our journey together.  .. you are truly a one of a kind and may Allah bless you with all that you inspire and dream to be and more. "

"Extremely thought provoking, very useful and practical sessions. Brilliant portrayal and teaching method, an utterly enjoyable session."

"I truly feel that this session made a difference to the way I think and view myself
and I could develop and be better."

"She has incredible understanding and knowledge of people and human nature which makes her a fantastic life coach. She has made me aware of how I can deal with my weaknesses. She taught me that simplicity lies on the other side of complexity. "

"Our usual coaching session was fantastic I just can't seem to get enough of it, as always you inspired me to the fullest."

"Henrietta's coaching is intuitive, powerful and no-nonsense!"

"Each session brings me to joy as I am learning so much about myself! I cannot believe this is ME!"


For the courses

"Amazing, strong and powerful yet gentle, warm and kind, full of positive energy, definitely intuitive"  


"It has been an inspiration to observe how you presented the program, facilitated the discussions, provided individual time carrying Islam in your heart and mind all the time. It seem so natural how you helped to bring best out in people, strengthened and helped to remind the core values and believes that are important in our lives"

 "... As you say, our destinations are already written, and why things happen the way they do, I did not realise until this weekend allowed me to truly contemplate that there is much learning along the journey to the destination we need to make, to make us better people and in order to spread goodness further to others. Thank you for connecting with me on the deepest level."