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What is the difference between coaching and counselling?

Counselling takes you to the past, while coaching will direct you towards your future aspirations.

Counselling helps you unpack your past, coaching assists you to create a vision for your future.

Counselling is a deep self-exploration and problem analysis, coaching is an action orientated process. ?


Benefits of coaching and counselling

  1. Learn how to manage your relationship conflicts
  2. Enhance your self esteem and confidence
  3. Deal with your unresolved issues
  4. Find motivation, clarity and direction
  5. Learn how to manage emotions
  6. Identify what is important and what is not in your life
  7. Resolutions to move forward 


What will I gain from coaching and counselling?

  1. A clear sense of purpose and direction
  2. A list of values that are important to you and would like to build your life around
  3. Strategies and a personal toolkit that assist you to move you forward
  4. A clear assessment of who you are and what unique gift you bring to the world
  5. Your true voice that is in alignment with your life purpose


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Counselling & Coaching

Islam is a religion of creativity and self-discovery and it encourages you to explore and learn about yourself, constantly improve and find balance. Our conditions will not change unless we change what is within ourselves. However, change can be challenging and it is often advisable to find a neutral person who can assist us. The practice of finding a neutral and professional advisor is deeply rooted in Islamic traditions.

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