10 things You Should Know About Marriage


1.      What services do you provide at Barefoot?
We provide individual coaching and counselling sessions, group coaching sessions, live webinars, marriage introduction events, marriage courses for singles and couples, weekend retreats for women and couples and mediation. We also have a free matrimonial service database as well as offer a personalized introduction service. 

2.      I have never been to a marriage course. What can I expect?
Our course is a practical session with little lecturing and focusing on key skills you can develop for your marriage whether you are single or married, divorced or widowed. We as a couple take you through a journey to show you how to put theory into practice by sharing our own experiences. There is no pressure for you to share your experiences unless you choose to. Equally, all our participants will sign a Confidentiality Agreement before the session commences so you can feel safe to share anything you wish from your personal life.

3.      We are thinking of separation. Is there any point to attend your marriage course?
Separation is not an easy process. Whatever stage you are in your marriage, we believe we must do everything possible to understand problems and look for solutions. You may still decide that you want to go ahead with the separation after attending our course but you will be able to make a more informed decision about where you go from here.

4.       Do you do courses exclusively for singles?
Yes. Our singles course is based on practical skills and presentations to prepare you for a more satisfying marriage. You will work on your expectations, ideas on how to create a happy home, how emotional intelligence affects marriage and how do develop intimacy. To look at what others thought of our courses please click: (testimonials)

5.      How does your marriage introduction work?
We believe that marriages that are made based on personality traits and character last longer and are more fulfilling. Upon your registration, which is free, we create a profile for you based on your answers to our detailed questionnaire. Then you will be invited to marriage introduction events with those who might suit your personality profile, thus increasing your chances to find a potential spouse.

6.      What is the difference between counselling and coaching?
Counselling explores your past where you may want to relook and unpack certain events that happened in your life and bring an understanding to your current life. This is a deep journey and it helps those who might have had traumas or unpleasant events in their life. It also helps drawing closures to past, understanding here and now and plan for the future.
Coaching focuses on your present and points you to your future, giving you direction, focus and vision. It is about your learning how to use your strengths for better results.
Both coaching and counselling is conducted in strict confidentiality.
7.      How long do you have to take counselling or coaching if I decide to book with you?
We recommend you take a minimum of 8 sessions for counselling and a set of 8 sessions for coaching. We believe this is a time within which you will feel that you are moving forward and have some results.

8.      How do I know which one I need?
Please complete our enquiry form answering all the questions. We will then assess your case and make recommendations. Ultimately, the decision is yours.  For a quick, free assessment please click: ........

9.      How can I be sure that I can trust you as my coach or counsellor?
Our relationship with our clients is strictly confidential and private. You will sign an agreement which details our terms of engagement, fees and other logistical issues. We will not disclose that you are our client to anyone and will terminate our relationship as soon as a conflict of interest arises.

10.  How much do you charge for a session?
We have flexible payment arrangement both for coaching and counselling. We do take into account your income level. For more information please email us via this link:

11.  How is mediation different from coaching and counselling?
Through mediation we help you settle your disputes amicably in a safe, secure and confidential environment.  Mediation process does not have any expectations for couples to reconcile their relationship. However, we work as a facilitator enabling you to agree on settlements. It is a less expensive way and preferred method to resolving your marital disputes than resorting to legal action.

12.  What options do I have if I am not satisfied with your services?
IN our standard contract we have included that at any point of our coaching and counselling relationship one of the parties are not satisfied, the contract will be terminated with prior notice.

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